EducatorsAbroad is affiliated with accredited universities and host schools worldwide.
Licensed by the UK Border Agency to enroll international students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System

Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status

EducatorsAbroad (EA) and our university partners in England have implemented procedures through which teachers worldwide can achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

To achieve QTS candidates must:

  • Fulfil prerequisite requirements.
  • Compile and submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their abilities as a classroom teacher in line with QTS standards.
  • Have their portfolio and teaching assessed through direct observation by a university assessor.

Acceptance on the EA support programme leads to enrolment on the partner university Assessment Only QTS (AOQTS) scheme and recommendation for QTS.

The QTS award enables educators to teach in state-maintained and special schools in England and Wales; under the regulations on equivalence of qualifications, across the European Union; and in independent and government schools in other geographic locations depending on school policies concerning acceptable qualifications of educators.

Next Steps

  1. Review information under Programme Overview to understand EA and partner university services.
  2. Determine if you qualify for this programme by completing the AOQTS Prerequisite Self-Assessment part I.
  3. Create an EA account and complete the AOQTS Prerequisite Self-Assessment part II.
  4. Decide if you are able to complete programme requirements at this point in time.
  5. Complete the EA AOQTS application and submit it along with required materials.