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Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status

EducatorsAbroad (EA) and our United Kingdom (UK) university partners have implemented procedures through which experienced teachers, who hold a university first or bachelors degree and are employed in schools around the world, can achieve UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through the Assessment Only Route to QTS.

Acceptance on the EA support programme leads to enrolment on the partner Assessment Only (AOQTS) scheme, including the final assessment by a university assessor. To achieve the award of QTS candidates must:

  • fulfil prerequisite requirements.
  • compile and submit a portfolio of evidence of their abilities as a classroom teacher showing that they have met the QTS standards.
  • have their teaching assessed through direct observation by a university assessor.

An EA advisor/mentor is assigned to each candidate offering support through the portfolio preparation phase, including clarifying the standards and monitoring evidence being accumulated, before the candidate is formally interviewed by the university for enrolment on their AOQTS scheme.

Once accepted onto the university scheme, the candidate is assessed in their school or during a short term placement in a UK school. This assessment includes a review of the evidence in the portfolio and observation of the candidate teaching.  Following a positive assessment the university recommends successful candidates for the award of QTS.

The QTS award enables educators to teach in state-maintained and special schools in England and Wales and, under international agreements on equivalence of professional status, across the European Union and many other parts of the world.


  1. Review information under 'Programme Overview' to understand the purpose and processes of this programme.
  2. Click on the 'AOQTS Prerequisite Self-Assessment' button in the left column to determine if you have/can fulfil programme prerequisites.
  3. Read remaining AOQTS pages and decide if you are able to complete programme requirements at this point in time.
  4. If you wish to proceed, complete the on-line application and submit the application fee.


Teachers in England must have a recognised degree and have achieved QTS. The award of QTS leads to registration as a newly qualified teacher. Some initial training courses also lead to an academic award, such as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), but a PGCE is not required for the award of QTS.

The Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) induction process is an additional component that is only required for employment in the UK and is undertaken during the first year of employment in the UK following achievement of QTS.

Qualifying schools that are members of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) can access, support and deliver NQT induction. The portfolio of evidence that a teacher prepares through the EA AOQTS process will provide a sound basis for NQT induction evidence. EA will offer support, guidance, and monitoring to help teachers in COBIS schools complete the NQT induction process.