Tracking Progress

As outlined in the Programme Overview page under 'Process' there are prerequisites to be met, materials to be submitted, and actions completed for you to achieve QTS through this EA AOQTS programme.

Each step in this portfolio development and candidate assessment process is listed here with a tick box which is filled in by EA personnel when each action is satisfactorily completed to assure that required documentation is gathered and that record keeping is accurate. Please contact EA faculty if you see any discrepancy between your and our records.

Proof of Identity
Account registered
GCSE/equivalent evidence in hand/validated
BA evidence in hand/validated
Letter from school head
Character reference letter
Background check (DBS or alternative)
Skills Tests passed
EA interview:
Have the intellectual and academic capabilities needed to meet the required QTS standards.
Possess the appropriate qualities, attitudes and values expected of a teacher.
Can read effectively and are able to communicate clearly and accurately in standard English.
Suitability to teach.
Ability to demonstrate competence and effectiveness in guiding and assuring student learning through current teaching experience.
Are currently or can be serving as a teacher, instructor, or unqualified teacher at the appropriate subject/age level in a school that will enable them to demonstrate they meet QTS standards.
Can accumulate appropriate evidence and, in some cases, supplement their teaching experience to meet requirements.
Ability to teach (health) {seems this should be added to interview items)
Willing to be assessed across all QTS criteria
Confirmation of expectations (extra placements, travel for assessment, etc.
'Contract' signed listing expectations/understandings
EA fee - first payment/received - receipt given (how manage?)
Admitted to EA support programme
Candidate uses information on the www site
Knows/aware of all information on EA AO www site
Comprehends meaning/intent/expectations of QTS criteria
Candidate demonstrates use of professional development resources
Teachers Media/School Improvement video models
Print/other materials
Two school teaching completed (arrangements if EA arranging)
Evidence of two age range assessments (arrangements if EA arranging)
Portfolio evidence progressing - approximately half way
EA fee - second payment/received - receipt given (how manage?)
EA on-site visit if possible
Portfolio completed
EA internal review satisfactorily completed
EA fee - third payment/received - receipt given (how manage?)
Portfolio Submitted to university
University admission interview
Admitted to university assessment programme
Portfolio assessed
Teaching assessed
QTS registration
[] Revision and re-submission of portfolio if required
[] Second teaching assessment if required

For Whom?

Unqualified teachers currently employed in English curriculum pre-primary, primary, or secondary schools worldwide who have a first (bachelor's) degree.


Earn Qualified Teacher Status (England) through an EA portfolio development support programme leading to enrolment on our partner university Assessment Only QTS (AOQTS) scheme and recommendation for QTS.


Become a recognized professional educator with opportunities for employment worldwide.

EA Qualified Teacher Status will help me achieve my goals.


Review Programme Overview and related www pages then create your account.


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