EducatorsAbroad is affiliated with accredited universities and host schools worldwide.
Licensed by the UK Border Agency to enroll international students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System

EducatorsAbroad Student Teaching (EAST) is a required and rigorously assessed 10 to 18 week school based placement for teacher candidates prior to their being recommended for licensure or certification as a teacher.

Through an EAST placement prospective educators:
  • Experience education and life in a community and culture different from that which they know.
  • Develop expertise as an educator.
  • Demonstrate readiness to enter the global profession of teaching.
  • Are better prepared to effectively educate any student from, or living, anywhere in the world.

Educators abroad faculty (a global network of professional educators) have 20+ years of experience working together to:

  • Develop professional abilities of prospective educators in a global context.
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding within the education profession.
  • Provide all services associated with effective student teaching placements in partnership with accredited universities and host schools worldwide.
EducatorsAbroad - Student Teaching